Beautiful Day Today

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It was 71 degrees out today, a stunningly beautiful day amid a week of 40s and predicted weekend back in the 40s. Both children are still coughing, but nobody seems on the brink of death at this point, and we were all eager to get outside. We went to the zoo as soon as it opened for the day!

Zoo Here is Genna, enjoying her first trip to the zoo.

Zoo And two swans, enjoying the nice day next to their still-frozen pond. Wally got a kick out of watching the swans and ducks slip and slide on the ice.

Zoo This silly goat had climbed up onto the bridge over the sidewalk, and he brayed down at us forlornly, vainly trying to get us to feed him. If only our arms were a few feet longer…

Zoo - 3/5 Wally now loves this “bubble” window into the aquarium, though he used to be scared of it.

Can I pause for a minute and say that I love babywearing? I was the only person at the zoo today not pushing a stroller. I had Genna bundled up on my front, where I could protect her from the occasional slightly chilly breeze, and our backpack on the back. I did not feel weighed down, and was happy to not have to worry about a stroller.

We were also able to enjoy about an hour and a half of outdoor play in the backyard after I finished up the days’ work and before the dipping sun made it just a wee bit too chilly to really enjoy ourselves any longer. Well, too chilly for mama, anyway.

Come on, Spring!!

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