Do you use Wallypop family wipes? Post here!

Alright, all you Wallypop fans. If you use Wallypop family wipes, please take a minute to post here and tell us why you use them, or why you love them. Thanks!

PS, I will choose one poster, selected at random, and send them one dozen free wipes.


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  1. Hi there,

    I love the wipes, though I don’t always use them at the toilet. My husband couldn’t get on board with it. 🙂 But we do use them for wiping noses, baby wipes, cleaning faces, and also blankets for all the little dolls and animals my 3 year old daughter plays with. She also loves to play with them in the bathtub. She lines them up along the side of the tub, and also uses them for covers and dresses for her bath toys. Honestly, the wipes are the best imaginative toy that she has 🙂

  2. We use them because our septic system is delicate and I garden and don’t wish to have all “that” overflow from toilet paper backup. Which has happened already on an only three year old system. The wipes also help rash problems my hubby has after hot days at work, and I like how soft they are. We do have regular tp on hand all the time for those really gross moments and for visitors, though anyone is welcome to use our wipe stash on the back of the toilet. We also make our own, as well, but cute prints, no matter how dumb or gross the other side of the world thinks they are, are fun.

  3. Drake P posted at my Facebook:
    I use it because it is soft and a tree did not have to be cut down so I can wipe my bum. Plus it saves us a lot of money.

  4. Our family has used family wipes for 4 years. Wipes are much softer than toilet paper, and honestly, get you cleaner. Whenever use toilet paper (vacations, visiting friends etc) I feel like I need a LOT of toilet paper to feel as clean as when I use wipes. Added benefits include not clogging the toilet when a child wants to use a lot of wipes and only paying once (we save $300 per year). We do keep a roll on hand for visitors. Some people are a bit skeeved out by family wipes, but I don’t see why anyone cares about how I wipe my bum. Anyone who knows us personally knows it is just another of our quirks!

    Many people are intrigued by the idea, and I always give out the logistical advice for those who want it. (Sarah has a great tutorial on storage on the site here: I personally think that anyone who tries wipes for 1 month will never turn back!

  5. I don’t use the Wallypop wipes, since I have a serger of my own. But we do use the family wipes in our household. I especially use them for my daughter whose still in diapers. We also use them for everyday household things, such as cleaning up the baby after she is done eating, cleaning up spills, and many other things.

    I can’t quite get my hubby into using them, but I’m working on it. 🙂

  6. We started using them as we prepared to move into our country home. We wanted to protect our septic system and the environment. I love NOT running out of toilet paper and how luxurious Wallypop wipes are. When I have to use paper (away from home) it’s a read demotion.

    My conversion stats so far: daughters: 1, sons: 0, husbands: 0. I won’t give up on the men in my life!

  7. I should probably post, too!

    I used a wipe for myself for the first time one day when we ran out of TP and I needed to wipe. I had oodles of wipes onhand from diapering.

    Later that day, cleaning up my son after he pooped (in the potty, he was around 1 at the time), I got to thinking about wiping. I used moist cloth wipes on him, even long after he was no longer pooping in diapers.

    Why? Because they got him clean.

    The few times when he needed to go poop in a public restroom and I tried to clean him with paper TP… ugh. It was hard to get him clean.

    That got me thinking about my own behind, and I decided I really wanted the cleanliness that cloth wipes offered.

    My husband thought I was a little nutty, but then he’s always preferred a bidet. He’s used our diaper sprayer ( for years, and started using the wipes to dry himself afterwards.

    Guests use our TP if they want (most guests don’t even know we have an alternative).

  8. Well it just made sense for us as we have a diaper pail in the bathroom already and we don’t use paper diapers or wipes on our kids! Like all the previous posters, we also still keep TP on hand for guests and personal preference. I also think everyone gets much cleaner and it’s so much better for our environment and wallet!

  9. I don’t use your wipes, but I made my own, and right now they are sitting on the back of the toilet so my hubby can get used to them slowly. You know, like when you introduce new pets.. first you let them *see* each other, then gradually work up to full integration. 😀
    We’ve done the recycled TP for awhile now, even going so far as to order it in bulk so it’s cheaper, but it’s pretty scratchy, and I don’t think I’ll want to use it after baby comes. Maybe with me and baby both using cloth wipes hubby will see the light. But maybe not too. 😀

  10. Wallypop wipes are just a fraction of our (big family) stash, though we have at least a few dozens of them.

    We cloth diaper so it just makes sense to use cloth wipes.

    The kids love them too. (And yes, no more clogged toilet from a toddler using way toooo much tp.)

    We don’t miss tp or kleenex at all.

    And look, instead of supporting huge tp manufacturers, discount stores and everyone else in between, we are supporting other awesome moms working out of their homes! That itself is good enough reason for me.

  11. Like previous posters, I don’t use your wipes, yet (I’m ordering some tonight, though), but we do use toilet wipes. I keep a spray bottle by the toilet and after every “use” of the toilet I spray and wipe. I LOVE cloth wipes. My hubby won’t use them, but then, he only has to wipe once or twice a day, and, Sarah, like yours, he prefers a bidet. We no longer have a sprayer in the bathroom, so he just hops in the shower. the only people in this house who use tp are my step daughter and any guests we have.

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