CPSIA – Raise Your Hand If You Understand the Dangers Of Lead and Phthalates

An excellent article by Little Ida.

A snippet:

Now I ask you to explain to me how the CPSIA will keep children safe, and how exactly it addresses the problem at hand. And while you’re at it, show me one *American made* children’s product that has harmed a child due to the presence of lead or phthalates. And consider for a moment the cocktail of noxious poisons that is in just about every space your child inhabits. Who will protect you and your family? What are you doing to make a difference in our world?

There are those who put profit before people. In 2007 (and through much of our history as a country) the health and very lives of our children were treated as no more important than that of the tiniest insect. If you want to be angry, direct your emotion at the offenders. There were perfectly good regulations in place before CPSIA. The big players BROKE THE LAW. Only these criminals will be left standing if we do not support our American crafts-people. We need to make it easy for Americans to do business, not impossible.

Forget the fact that this will allow our people to earn money enough to pay their mortgages, buy groceries, and pay that dental bill; those greed driven extras we all want, you know. Instead try to imagine how pathetic things will be, and how low you will have sunk, when you are only able to purchase toys and other children’s products from the very people who thought nothing of poisoning your children


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  1. Kudos! Yeah this is another example of an invasion of our rights. They say its to protect our children, but it doesn’t make those accountable for what has happened it only hurts the crafters like us.

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