I have been reading over at the cpsc today, the requests for exemption by various industries.

Personal favorites:

“WIMA notes that without such an exclusion, the annual manufacture, distribution and sale of five to seven billion pen products will come to a halt in this country.”   — The last line of the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association letter, petitioning because the balls in ball point pens contain lead and there is not any lead-free way to make them.

It’s like – oh, and P.S. – without this exclusion, forget about writing anything.


“Children do not eat their ATVs!”   — Jim Boltz Cycle Barn Motorsports Group, petitioning because ATVs contain parts made with lead, there is no substitute, and it’s unlikely that anyone will be harmed from the lead contained in ATVs.

I mean, you’re probably waaaay more likely to die being thrown from or run over by an ATV than you are to be harmed from licking the lead components. And, really – how many children lick their ATVs? Clue: If your kid is not old enough to know better than to lick his ATV, he’s probably not old enough for an ATV.


I could be wrong, but the way I understand the current legal situation, it is currently illegal to sell new or used children’s bikes. Bicycles contain lead, and the bicycle industry has made it clear that there’s no way around that. The lead is needed for safety (strength in wheel spokes and in tire nipples). They contain lead in excess of the legal limits (at least in excess of the final limits).

The only way it’s not illegal is if the lead contained in the bikes is less than the 600ppm limit now in effect.

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One thought on “cpsia”

  1. Heehee.. have you seen this spoof making the rounds on the diaper boards?

    Here is a “humorous” piece by Howe at Live and Learn. Hopefully someone will read this, make the connection, and realize how crazy the CPSIA really is.

    News Flash — Congress Responds to Peanut Salmonella Scare with CPSOA Law. In response to the current peanut scare, there is a committee in
    Congress silently drafting the CPSOA – Consumer Peanut Safety Overkill Act. Key components of the act state that all food products must be certified that they do not contain salmonella prior to sale. This act covers all food items including those that do not contain peanuts or any peanut byproduct, including fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, natural foods, processed foods and packaged foods. “Food” is being defined as any product placed in a person’s
    mouth and swallowed. Therefore, due to the broad definition as defined in the CPSOA, “food” is being defined to include items that normally do not contain salmonella such as beverages (alcoholic and
    nonalcoholic), chewing gum, hard candy, and all medicines taken by mouth. The commission will look into granting exemptions for certain products within one year after the Act goes into effect, but until
    that time all food items, as defined by the CPSOA, must be removed from supermarket, pharmacy and other retail shelves plus farmer markets, farms, slaughter houses, processing plants, warehouses and any other place the products may be found unless the product has been tested to prove there are no traces of salmonella.

    [Rick Woldenberg Note: Does anyone remember the quote of David Arkush of Public Citizen on December 17? “Arkush admits some of the mandates
    may sound absurd at first blush, such as testing wooden toys for phthalates, or testing cotton T-shirts for lead. ‘But we’re erring on the side of safety.'” ]

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