CPSIA, Fashion Incubator, and the wonderful Kathleen

Just realized I haven’t posted a link to one of my favorite Kathleen (of Fashion Incubator, who I have come to deeply respect recently) posts of all time. here you go. It’s a letter responding to various special interest groups who have been waging quite the misinformation campaign about CPSIA.

Kathleen raises an important point that I’ve never mentioned, ever, in talking about this, because though I “get” it, I don’t get it enough to be able to talk about it without sounding like, well, an idiot. This facet of manufacturing/selling doesn’t affect me, because of the way I do business and the industry I’m in.

I will tell you though that without component testing at the supplier level, it will literally be i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e to buy inputs and produce prototypes for sale in time for Market based on trade show schedules alone. Trade show dates are locked in for two, three, even four years in advance. It’s one thing to legislate manufacturers; how will you exercise influence over trade shows to reschedule events in keeping with the new, much longer production time line this law creates? Trade shows are held in convention centers owned by municipalities and it will be impossible to reschedule those dates to permit the necessary extension of time needed to permit repeated testing in product development. The unavoidable result is that trade shows themselves will be going out of business and affecting revenues of cities across the nation. The implications of this law are far greater than many imagine.


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