CPSIA true and false

OK, there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

1. Everyone has to have a lab test their prodcuts by 2/10. All WAHMs will go out of business on 2/10.

This is FALSE. On Feb 10, all manufacturers of children’s products need to be able to produce certificates of compliance for all of their products. These certificates need to be based on a reasonable testing program. Third party (lab) testing is not required until August.

Many WAHMS will go out of business on 2/10. I’m willing to wager that a great number of WAHMs will choose to operate their businesses outside of the law. And many of us are working on ways to establish a reasonable testing program that keeps our doors open, and legally so, at least through August.

2. The CPSC has exempted cotton, linen, hemp, etc.

FALSE. The CPSC has published a notice of propsed rulemaking that would exempt undyed, untreated natural fibers. But this is still just proposed. Additionally, the materials would be exempted only from testing, not from compliance.

3. Lead is banned from Children’s Products.

FALSE. The Government has established what it consideres to be “safe” limits. Ultimately, that limit will be 300 parts per million.


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  1. Ultimately, that limit will be 100 ppm in 2011.

    • Good point. I’ve been focusing so much on THIS YEAR… because without changes I will be unable to operate after August, so in a way I couldn’t care less what the law says about 2011.

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