Mei Tai or other Asian style carriers with newborns

I started making MT carriers for sale when Wally was about 6 months old. I’d been making and wearing MT style carriers since he was a newborn, but not actually making them for sale.

After I’d been in business for about 6 months or so, when Wally was a year old, I started hearing a lot of chatter online and in person about not wearing a newborn in a MT carrier because there’s not enough head support. Various people at our babywearing meetings and online were saying they were uncomfortable with a newborn in a MT. I’m not sure now whether they had actually tried a newborn in a MT, or if it just seemed like there would not be enough support.

I was sure I remembered feeling perfectly safe and comfortable with newborn Wally in the MT, but couldn’t specifically remember. I mean, I was sure I wouldn’t have worn him if his little head wasn’t supported, but without specific memories about it… I started doubting myself.

So since then, when I teach babywearing, I’ve taught it with the caveat that many people don’t like MTs for newborns because of a lack of head support.

Now that I have my own newborn, I’m finally in a position again to offer my own opinion on the subject, based on my own personal experience.

Let me caveat to say that I have ONLY worn Miss G in MT carriers that I have made myself. I have not worn her in other brand MTs. But in the Wallypop MT, she has really good head support. (I shall try to remember to post a picture when I get my own laptop back!)

Wallypop MT’s, because of the way they’re sewn, tend to pull pretty snugly across the horizontal plane of the top of the carrier. As long as the baby’s head is tucked down into the carrier, they simply cannot have floppy head.

So, I’ve worn Genna in the MT since she was about a week old. It’s not my preferred carrier right now, but I do like it, and feel it provides plenty of head support.


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  1. I love your Mei Tai Carriers! Danica absolutely loves being in it, and when she sees it she bounces and is ready to get in. I really started wearing it with Danica when she was about 4 months old. She was just getting too big for the Moby wrap because of the material. Well done on the carrier!!!

  2. I wore DS in the VersaWrap when he was a newborn, but DH preferred the Mei Tai. In each case, I believe our newborn had sufficient head/neck support. That said, however, we both felt safer w/our hand behind his head/neck, particularly if he was asleep. But yes, if you wrap up the baby snugly, it should be fine. But YMMV.

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