I received a comment today that made me chuckle. Every time I send out an email to my announcements list, I get a dozen or so unsubscriptions. The unsubscribe process asks the person unsubbing why they’re unsubbing. I have never received a response other than “my kids are all out of diapers” or similar. (I have to resist the urge to email back with a reminder about the other awesome stuff I make!)

Today’s email brought me this reason: I think your business is not consistent and too sporadic. It’s wierd getting newsletters at random times.

And I had to chuckle. My business IS sporadic. And it always will be. I’m not sure what the person meant by that, but if it was “sometimes you have inventory and sometimes you don’t, you have no consistent restocking schedule, and when people email to ask when you’ll get more of X, the answer is usually that you don’t know,” well, yes. That’s Wallypop!

But I wonder how many people find my newsletter habits to be annoying? That one’s interesting. I am on several store announcement lists. Two that come to mind send a newsletter every month or every other month like clockwork. They often contain information that is largely worthless to me – “hey, we still have X item and it still has Y features.” I do admire their consistency, though.

A few other stores, I receive email announcements from them when they have something to say. An item we’ve been out of is back in stock, we have a new item, we have news from our store, we have a new employee, whatever. I like those better, personally. I only want to hear from people when there is news. if that means I hear from them three times one month and not at all the next, then that’s what it means. But every time there’s an announcement, there’s news there. Actual news.

I’ve taken to sending out announcements to the list when I have restocked several things. Then, I’ll also include general information with that announcement. I had toyed with doing something monthly for a while, and I was doing it monthly for a bit, but then I needed to send out more frequent announcements with the closing for maternity. Then I of course didn’t send anything while I was closed.

And now I’m not sure what to do. If I move to monthly emails, then what if I have news in the meantime? And will I remember or have time for a newsletter at the same time monthly?



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Our Family lives in central Iowa. We are Christians, conservatives, and crunchy granola heads. We love the outdoors, photography, and lindy hop. Turn ons are people who are polite, honesty, and really good root beer. Turn offs are mean people and people who make my life more difficult.

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  1. I personally like just getting newsletters when there is news. Otherwise, I sigh, skim through, and delete. Or, if it seems there is never news, I just delete right away and then I may miss something, but take that risk. That seems a really odd reason to unsubscribe. I would rather there was less mail on a sporadic basis than constant mail for no reason.

  2. I agree, that’s an odd reason. Does that person also demand consistency from everyone else they get emails from? “Now Mother, you’ve already sent me your weekly email, you really must remember to keep your schedule more consistent.” lol
    Send an email when you want to. It’s your list afterall, and the unsubscribe is pretty easy.

  3. Well, it is a legitimate concern with a business. I just had to chuckle, though. Inconsistency is like my tagline.

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