More from Fashion Incubator on CPSIA and now I’m all sad again

I’ve been reading up on what I have to do to comply with the law between Feb 10 when it goes into effect and August, when third party (read: expensive) testing goes into effect.

I know I have to issue certificates stating that my items are safe and I have to have some basis for this, but I’ve been trying to determine what will be acceptable to the government. Because my saying “of course there’s no lead in my diapers, you dummies” just won’t cut it.

Fashion Incubator has nicely done the research for me.

So, from February to August, you may have the option of using a reputable lab or testing service that is not an officially approved CPSC testing lab. Now, just because a lab is not currently approved doesn’t mean the lab isn’t any good but you have to do your homework. You will have to determine whether an official body such as the CPSC or your state’s Attorneys General (charged with enforcement) would consider your lab to be a legitimate resource. Some have suggested home testing kits for lead are an option but it is dubious that these would be acceptable. Most authorities agree that lead testing services provided by businesses such as Taggert’s are viable. Using an XRF gun, inventory samples can be scanned for lead. This is an attractive option for smaller producers because products remain saleable after testing (more comprehensive testing destroys products), it’s faster and it costs much less, perhaps $200 to $300 for a batch of samples.

This would be for stuff I have in inventory as of Feb 10 as well as for anything new I produce.

OK, fine. But, um, unless you, my customers reading this blog, are willing to pay about double for diapers, this isn’t viable for me, either.


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  1. At this point, I have to say that I would be forced to pay double for dipes. The “big guys” dipes, sposies and cloth both, seriously cause eczema flares for my lo. He just can’t use them. I have only had luck with small business dipes like yours. I am very sad about this legislation and can only hope that by writing and calling we can get some change. In the last year, my lo has only worn dipes and clothes made by some mama and played with toys made by some daddy or grandpa or mama. We buy handmade everytime we get the chance because it is better all around. I can’t even cut in a straight line with a laser level shining on the material/paper, so learning to sew my own won’t work. How about a YFMM deal? That way we are paying for the contract labor of crafting rather than a finished product?

  2. it is unclear at this time whether custom sewing services that result in a product for children is allowed under the law. that is the only not completely crazy idea I’ve had to enable me to continue to make diapers and carriers.

    The sad thing is, it’s most likely that you would not be able to pay double for WAHM diapers. It’s most likely that you just would not be able to buy them legally. Because most of us will close.

    Of course there will be a black market – ha, black market diapers – but that’s a risk I personally am not willing to take. The folks who will be able to black market dipes are those who are currently technically black marketing – those without a tax stamp, without a business name, without insurance.

  3. I agree that black market is not healthy or viable as a commerce option. I hope that some resolution can be reached on this that does not result in so many families losing their businesses.

    Most name brand dipes have microfleece and other things that are just not skin friendly in this house. I have to say that I am stunned that an entire set of industries will be devastated because Congress did not have the courage to simply stop the manufacture of children’s products in countries that have bad records for safety.

    There is a growing list on diaperswappers of WAHMs that are already preparing to close. Some have said they were done for sure and others are currently taking custom orders to use up available fabric. The really sad part is that on hyenacart, there are so many WAHMs that have been giving economic stimulus prices to help in their own small way to inject money back into the economy and give breaks to struggling families…some reward to give them for their heroic efforts, don’t you think?

    We will be loyal Wallypoppers until the end, which hopefully WON’T come on February 10.

    Thanks for everything!

  4. So there’s a group collecting opinions for President-elect Obama at and the TOP opinion under the economy forum right now is to “Save handmade from the CPSIA”. It only takes a minute to register for the site and then you can vote on the opinions. Who know’s if he’ll listen, but it is a way to try. And at least there is concern out among the general public.

  5. The CPSC is asking for comments on this issue right now (and of course you’ve contacted your reps and all that):

    • oh, yes, they’ve all been contacted. each has rec’d a note on facebook, an email, a letter, a package with sample products, and grassley’s gotten a phone call.

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