Thoughts on diapering a small baby

So, Genevieve was 6 lb 3 oz. Wally was 8 lb 11 oz. Diapering them has certainly presented different challenges! Wally didn’t fit into many of the size smalls we had acquired secondhand, and the infant prefolds only worked for a short time. Wally’s larger size accounts for the sizing of Wallypop diapers – our smalls fit for longer than many brands, and the mediums fit for a super long time – both smaller and larger than many brands.

Genevieve was too small for smalls. And too small for many newborn sizes. The newborn size Proraps literally swam on her, coming up well over her navel and gaping badly at the legs. I ended up ordering her some newborn and preemie size covers from Green Mountain Diapers, as well as another dozen of preemie prefolds (I already had nearly a dozen which were sold to me secondhand as infant size when I was pregnant with wally). The new covers were just enough smaller that she didn’t look like a clown and she was a bit trimmer under her clothes!

But in case it’s helpful to anyone, here’s what I’ve learned after a week of diapering my little girl:

  • the advice I’ve offered in the past, that a cover that’s a little big on a newborn will still work just fine is absolutely true. I’d had others tell me this, but never had the chance to test it out myself. The newborn Proraps, though big and gaping, didn’t leak. The diapers absorbed all of her pee, and we changed her frequently enough to not worry too much about leaking.
  • The advice that I’ve heard (though never distributed, simply because it’s never come up) that infant size prefolds are fine even for tiny babies is semi true. They were fine. They were so bulky. The preemie prefolds, I have to use two to have enough absorbency at this point, but it’s still more trim than infant size.
  • The Bummi Super Brite newborn size (4-9 lbs) fits her well now, and seems that it will continue to fit her well for a while. Bummi Original newborn size (4-8 lbs) fit her well now, as well, and are my favorite cover. The Litewrap Preemie size says 4-8 lbs, but it is snug on her and will not fit for long around the waist. The Prorap newborn, which I sell, says 5-10 lbs, but it was rather large on Genevieve’s small frame. It fits a bit better now that she’s about 7 lbs, but it’s still pretty roomy. If she had been born at 7 lbs, I think we would have just stuck with these and been perfectly happy.

You might be wondering why I don’t just make her some smaller covers, and I’ll tell you why. Downsizing my pattern and then whipping up five or six covers just wasn’t in the cards for me the week after she was born. I considered knitting her some small longies, but honestly just never made it downstairs to get some yarn from my stash! I did, however, have a chance to grab some of the smaller longies that I’d recently tossed into my Seconds/Clearance bin.

I will say, sometimes it’s pretty awesome to have a cloth diaper store in your basement. (Though with Wally, I always resisted the temptation to dip into my inventory, and other than those seconds, and the newborn size covers I bought from myself a month or so ago, I haven’t taken anything from inventory for Genevieve, either.)


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  1. You making covers for yourself in the first weeks following your daughter’s birth is probably the last thing anyone would be wondering about! 🙂 Congratulations again!!

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