Baby Hammock

So it all started with a picture posted on Facebook by my friend Betsy. Of her baby in a hammock. What a fantastic idea, I thought. I asked her where she got hers, and she found it super cheap on Ebay. I started stalking Ebay, but I have really bad luck on there. And the prices for name brands like Happy Hangup and the Kanoe Baby Hammock were, well, a little out of my price range.

Then I wondered if I couldn’t just make one. I found this post of pictures of another homemade baby hammock and decided I definitely could do it, but without ever seeing an actual hammock in person, I was reluctant to just throw something together without knowing what I was doing. I eventually found a set of instructions here by Karyn.

Baby Hammock Baby Hammock

The hammock itself was not hard to put together. I found all the hardware I needed (rated to at least 100 lbs) at Lowe’s. I used a Cedar board and carved out the notches on either end with a boring bit on my drill press and then my circular saw.

Baby Hammock

I still need to sand the board down, but I’m actually going to wait on that until the baby arrives, and then I’ll probably make Randy do it. I was completely unsure how long the board should be. I have asked several people about their hammocks, and it seems the hanger part REALLY varies. Now that I have it assembled, I understand.

My board is 3 feet long (I started with 4, but that was too much). I like how that width supports the hammock in a wider position, but dislike how close that makes the baby to the wood beam. So I am either going to make a new hammock, but start with 5 yards of fabric instead of 4, or I’m going to cut the board down to 2 feet and re-notch the end. But I need an actual baby in there first to see what, if any, other modifications I’d make.

Then I’ll definitely be making a new hammock so that I have two (one for the laundry, one for use), and I’ll probably dye the plain unbleached muslin to make it more fun.

If you prefer to buy one, Peaches and Nips at Etsy sells what appear to be very nice hammocks, for much cheaper than the better-known brands like Happy Hangup, etc. (It’s usually cheaper to buy direct from the source. Happy Hangup and the like have to pay all the middlemen, too.)

Please pardon the bad pictures in this post. I was having contractions, didn’t feel like carrying the heavy hammock upstairs, and it is a pretty dark day here anyway, and I would have had to use the flash regardless, so I decided to just leave it in the basement and photograph it where it is.


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  1. Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info

  2. Hello,

    Congratulations you’ve done excellent job on making Baby hammock. Ciao 🙂

  3. Hey,that’s a really cool and simple hammock :)) I should give a try to get one done too. Thanks for the idea. Cheers

  4. I guess baby is easy to get fall asleep in a hammock.

    If we would have used this kind of hammock we probably should never had to go for a ride.

  5. What a great idea this is sure to relax a baby in a similar way to driving in a car. I wish I was ahndy enough to make one of these and i can’t believe that it is not mass produced.

  6. Sarah, this is an absolutely cool idea! DIY sounds like a lot of work. I’ll probably get it from Peaches and Nips. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  7. While I think in concept this is pretty cool, I can only imagine the potential for accident if the baby slips out of if it’s hung on something not strong enough to support the weight of the child. One could speculate the reason you don’t see these is their are few companies willing to take on the liability exposure of creating this product.

  8. Yay! Congrats! I used to put my kid to sleep in one of these… when he was a little younger.. the best part of it, even if he’s already 8years old, he still wants to sleep in one! LOL

    🙂 Kim

  9. Kids in Vegas – i’m sure you’re right about liability, and history shows that parents will readily sue even if their carelessness causes an accident.

  10. information that is fress. diligent post so I always see this blog

  11. nice post, useful 4 me

  12. neat little hammock, has it been safety tested?

  13. good post, i will try to my baby

  14. ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info

  15. nice & simple post. informative image

  16. good job, i have idea from your blog

  17. you’ve done excellent job on making Baby hammock 🙂

  18. i just thanks 4 your time to post

  19. thanks 4 your share, keep its

  20. Hey,that looks nice but is safe?

  21. SUper Cool baby hammock.. Im gonna try making one..

    🙂 Kim

  22. Don’t fall off it might hurt! But very creative

  23. ahah sleep and swing

  24. nice & simple post. informative image

  25. Nice work! I was just wondering – where would you hang it from once it’s in the baby’s room?

  26. Well, there are two ways to answer that question.
    I don’t have a room for the baby – I don’t really understand why a baby needs its own room. We have a room where we store Children’s Stuff. Clothes, toys, etc. It’s also the guest bedroom, lol.

    So I wouldn’t put the hammock in a separate room, anyway.

    My hammock hangs from a beam in the ceiling of my office, so Miss G can sleep in there while I work.

    If I were going to hang it upstairs (with finished ceilings), I’d find a beam in the ceiling (with a stud finder) and attach the eyehook there. Most modern houses have beams every 18 inches or so.

  27. great innovation, thanks i am like it

  28. Wow cool baby hammock. I’m assuming it’s safe to let baby sleep in? Newborns love to be rocked so I’m sure this will put her to sleep with ease!

  29. Great blog. Thank you for sharing that story.

  30. That would be great to take camping. The only thing I would change from looking at the pictures would be to secure the position at the top of the ring so it can’t slide left or right.

  31. LOL, that was about the first thing I did once I had the actual baby!

    I’m not sure how it would be useful camping, though. How would you secure it? I hope not by screwing an eyehook into a tree. Unless you happen to be camping next to a low, sturdy tree that will not be harmed by a rope… I don’t see that working.

  32. It’s very useful and practical. I love the concept and I’ll definitely try it.

  33. Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing. Could be even better if a spring is attached at the top..

  34. Great post. Site at all is very interessting.

    Come back later.

    Kind regards,

  35. LOL, it DOES have a spring at the top.

  36. Very creative! I love the idea, haha, a baby hammock.

  37. Have you thought about patenting this? You wouldn’t want someone coming in and getting rich off your idea?

  38. Maybe I’m just not seeing it, isn’t this just a blanket supported in the air?

  39. I see lawsuits all over this if you were to package and sell it. What would happen if a baby were to slip out?

  40. Simple design, easy to assemble, I love it! I don’t exactly understand what the purpose of the spring is.

  41. – It’s not my idea, as you should have read in the post.

    – I won’t be patenting it, see above.

    – I think the risk of babies falling out is a lot less than you might think, assuming reasonably intelligent parents.

    – That said, we can’t assume that, can we?

    – This is why I won’t be selling them. Also, see the first bullet point.

    – The spring is INTENDED to help provide some bounce and sway when baby moves. My spring is, um, a bit heavy-duty and would need the weight of an adult to bounce.

    – ANY hammock is basically a blanket hanging from above, isn’t it? Except our ridiculous rope hammocks, which are like a bad macrame project gone even badder.

  42. hammocks for better wide-angle

  43. I think thats fantastic! there’s nothing cuter than a baby relaxing on hammock! and this one looks safe, thanks for posting!

  44. Idea is good but this is not good for your baby’s back. She/he will have back pain in the future…

  45. Carolyn, I’m sorry, but that’s just not true. I’m not sure what would even cause you to say that. Hammocks are in fact quite GOOD for backs, with the exception of the rope style ones. Additionally, our family sees a Chiropractor for regular routine healthcare. She has no concerns with the hammock, and has not noted any particular concerns with our baby’s alignment. I have several friends who also have hammocks for their babies with similar feedback from their own family chiropractors.

  46. That baby hammock looks fantastic. I have always wanted a hammock for myself and now you have me jealous of some baby. That would be great come the spring too.

  47. I really like these because of its Simple design and easy to assemble.Moreover, it looks comfortable means baby is easy to get fall asleep in a hammock 🙂

  48. My cradle was a hammock too. I Imagine thats why I like to sleep in them today.

    Brock Hileman
    Just Hammocks>

  49. Great idea. The ring at the top like you ssid needs to have a permanent fixture to keep it from sliding to either side.

  50. Excellent thinking! though it may seem a little unsafe I think its a good idea! it would be thrilling to see a baby smiling away in that! thanks for sharing!

  51. I really like these because of its Simple design and easy to assemble. I’m assuming it’s safe to let baby sleep in? Newborns love to be rocked Excellent thinking!

  52. A very unique yet simple design! nice work with that! baby hammocks are indeed pretty rare as it would raise concerns of safety. But this one looks well intact!

  53. Even though this is the only baby hammock that I have ever seen it is the coolest baby hammock that I have ever seen 🙂

  54. It is good way to made a baby hammock at our home. Thanks for sharing.

  55. That’s really neat. Thanks for sharing idea. Cheers

  56. Thats a wonderful idea! and hammock looks very cute! Brilliant concept, though i’m worried the baby would fall!!!

  57. A baby hammock inside the cot would actually be good idea, even if the baby falls it wouldnt be problem. Good idea though..

  58. Yes, if a person actually owned a crib, a hammock suspended over the mattress might be fun. it would definitely be easier to get baby in and out.

    The main appeal of this hammock for our family is that it doesn’t take up floor space.

  59. I also like the hammock inside the cot idea. Send me the link to the buy it now page, I’d like to get one haha.

  60. Precisely, and also the baby will be too pre occupied to start crying! its the perfect tool! well done creators! a solution to the problem!

  61. That’s a really cute hammock. My wife and I are expecting a baby in June an I think this will be a really cool hammock near our bed 🙂 Thanks for the idea. Great job b he inventor. Cheers

  62. That is really an Great Idea. I hope the Baby feels cool sitting in the hammock hangup.

  63. SUper Cool baby hammock.. Im gonna try making one..

  64. Hi there. I´m from Yucatán, México and probably some of you know that in this side of the world babies and adults alike have slept in hammocks since forever so I´m thrilled to see the rest of the world is now learning what we have known all along about it´s benefits. But there´s something you should also know: NO CUSHIONS OR MATTRESSES SHOULD BE USED ON HAMMOCKS!!! One of it´s many benefits is that THERE´S NO RISK OF SUFFOCATION as hammocks are always made of fully breathable materials!! Since most of you are used to the idea of placing babies on flat surfaces, I can see that you are recreating that when using the hammocks as well but not only there´s NO NEED as babies can perfectly sleep all curled up at the bottom of their hammocks but since the use of hammocks is mostly native of tropical places (warm climate – Asia, México and S. América)we also take advantage of the fact that you can choose not to use a nappy when children are sleeping because there´s not a mayor problem if they pee on it because they are easy to wash and mop the floor and that way their buttons can take a break from the nappy. Can you see that could not be so simple if we were using a cushion?? I´m posting this hoping many moms&dads will read it and stopped risking suffocation by NOT using cushions on your babies´s hammocks. Enjoy it´s full benefits while keeping your babies safe.
    Best regards from Mérida.

  65. Thank you for giving this inspiring article. See my own!

  66. Any suggestions on what type of spring to use that would be supper bouncy? A bed spring and mattress spring seem to be too stiff. We’d like our son to be able to bounce it with his wiggling and moving rather than us having to mannualy bounce it. Also how did you attach your spring? Thanks for all this info!!! your pictures are great!

  67. Thanks for your blog article.
    I look forward to reading some of your other posts.

  68. This post is really nice and looks simple..

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