Natural Deodorant Solution

I will say, I’ve not had great luck finding a natural deodorant that keeps me stink-free all day.

So, Inspired by Amy at Angry Chicken, I made my own deodorant last week. So far, I have to say that I love it. I have struggled to find a deodorant that worked very well for me and that wasn’t full of crap that I don’t want on my body. THIS stuff is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Or, at least, it would appear that it is, after less than a week of use.


I used the recipe Amy wrote out on the post linked above.


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  1. Thanks I’m going to try this! I was using a recipe of baking soda, corn starch and coconut oil. Loved it loved the slight hint of coconut and it kept me fresh all day.

    But for some reason, too much baking soda under my arms has not been a good thing and I know it’s the baking soda because I tried to use it solo, a method my mother used when I was a child to combat the stinky:) And it had my skin burning. Thought I’d try it this way hoping the additional ingredients would help but no dice so may even have to omit the baking soda with this one but it’s less of it so will try the complete recipe first.

    But saying all of that to say:) That’s another recipe that works very well with less ingredients. My sensitive skin just is having issues with baking soda. And it’s equal parts corn starch & baking soda, have to find the exact recipe for coconut oil measurements.

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