New Projects, New Projects!!

So I just placed my first order with Dharma Trading Company. I spent way too much money.

I bought a screen printing kit. I’ve always wanted to try screen printing. (OK, always wanted = for the last year.) And I read a lot about making your own supplies and whatnot, but decided that at this point, I needed something easy like a kit.

Then I bought some stuff to tie dye, which I’ve also never done before, believe it or not. And a bunch of clothing blanks. Um, yeah. A bunch. But mostly stuff that I can use for my own family, so I can do plenty of experimenting before deciding if I want to add new product lines to Boulevard Designs.

Potentially, I’m thinking about dyed and embroidered baby t-shirts and outfits, and fun dyed hair coverings. And we’ll see what else.

I also just found out today that nobody else in our family wants the spinning wheel that’s at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother is living in a home now, and she is selling her house to my cousin. They are having an estate sale to get rid of everything, but she was admant that the spinning wheel stay in the family. This presented a problem for my Aunt, who had been asking around the likely suspects, but found no takers. I called today and mentioned that I’d love to have it if nobody else wanted it, and learned that she had been sweating over what to do with it! Yay! So I might take up spinning. We’ll see. I really don’t need a new hobby.


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Our Family lives in central Iowa. We are Christians, conservatives, and crunchy granola heads. We love the outdoors, photography, and lindy hop. Turn ons are people who are polite, honesty, and really good root beer. Turn offs are mean people and people who make my life more difficult.

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