Sink Skirt

Sink Skirt

First – could my sink seriously be any grosser? this is the sink the Washing machine empties into, and also is our utility sink for things like washing out paintbrushes. So that’s why it’s so gross. It was fairly gross when we moved in, so not all the grossness is from us!

Anyway. I wanted to make this little area look a little less cluttered. I keep our junk towels under the sink, and was sick of looking at them. This sink skirt was SOOO easy.

I basically just cut a piece of fabric a few inches longer than the length from the sink lip to the floor, and a few inches wider than the sink’s circumference. Hemmed it on all four sides. Sewed the hook part of a strip of Velcro to the top of the curtain. Hot glued the loop part to the sink. (Most places recommend using peel-and-stick Velcro for the sink, but I didn’t have any. But I did have a glue gun that was sad from neglect.) Stuck the curtain on. Voila. Done. It was a 10 minute project, not counting the time spent waiting for the glue gun to heat up, deciding I could knock out a few other quick things while waiting, forgetting I was waiting, and remembering the glue gun about 20 minutes later as it’s oozing hot glue all over the top of my washing machine.

(also, you can see that the area cluttered back up in a hurry. The garbage can has to go there. The floral box is actually a sturdy stepstool for my son to reach the sink. The small bucket is our downstairs hamper for putting towels and wipes that are dirty. That was supposed to go under the sink, but didn’t fit. I’ll have to figure out a way to get it under there.)


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