Completed: Bathrobe

I picked up this pattern on sale for 99 cents a while back, thinking about the short sleeved robe. Plus, I’ve always liked pajamas, even though I don’t really wear them. (I mean, talk about impractical. I usually just go for flannel pants with a sweatshirt in the winter or a Tshirt in the summer.) I thought maybe I’d make myself a set of pretty jammies. I’ve talked myself out of it again, for the record.

But I did want to make a summer bathrobe. My only robe is fleece, and it’s great for winter, but altogether too bulky and hot for summer. I just want something to cover my shoulders on those mornings when it’s just a bit too chilly in the morning for just a Tshirt.

And I did own three yards of dark purple cotton knit, which was originally intended for a horrible maternity outfit that I never finished, but which would be perfect for a robe.

I actually decided to make the long sleeve robe, figuring that if it was warm enough to want a short sleeve robe, it was warm enough to not need a robe at all. I finished it up in one evening. Turning the tie right side out took a full half hour, and the rest of the robe took a half hour, also. (I’ll post a tutorial on how NOT to spend a half hour turning a tube right side out soon.)


It’s a little messy on the inside. They have you use ironed-flat bias tape as the facing all around the front of the robe. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get it to stop twisting funny while I was sewing it (possibly a combination of the stretch in the knit and the stretch in the bias tape? and I gave up trying, frankly. So it’s going to irritate me every time I put the thing on, but I guess I’ll get over it eventually.

Another project for the Use What You Have craftalong at Craftster.


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